Sali Bliss

Thank you so much for all your work, it looks beautiful, easy to navigate, and flows nicely!

Resource Specialist, BEC Environmental, Inc.
Maurita Harris

I think things are really coming together. We have had a lot of positive feedback on the website.
Thank you!

President, NOMA AZ
Alexis Nguyen, MBA Pr

For many years, my two companies tried different digital marketing companies for our SEO, SEM and online advertisements. Not until I got to work with Mountain View Media does my company realize positive ROI results. Mountain View Media is professional and knowledgeable in the digital marketing realm. They give us sound advice specific to the businesses that we are in. They are quick in their responses to meet our evolving business changes and needs. I highly recommend Mountain View Media.

President & CEO
Davina Ford, Exec. Assistant

If you ask me who would I recommend to manage your website and fix all the errors the previous website developer left you with, I’d say Mountainview Media!!! Here is why I, and Fleming Complete and Fleming West, support this vendor. TIMLEY. Mountainview Media is timely in every way. Phone calls and follow-ups emails are received from both Jane and Ben. You’re never in the dark. EDUCATION. They not only create websites, enforce changes, resolve problems, but they also educate you as to why they’re either proposing or acting on a certain action, theme or holding off on a plug-in. ACCOUNTABILITY. When Mountainview Media commits to an action they finish the action as committed. If they make a mistake, they communicate it, fix it, and don’t charge fees for their mistakes. If you’re looking for a web developer to support you with your website so you can focus on running your business, secure Mountainview Media. If you’re looking for a web developer to help in times of need so you can focus on running your business, secure Mountainview Media. If you don’t know what you’re doing, secure Mountainview Media. If I can be of further assistance, let me know. Davina Ford, Exec. Assistant Fleming West and Fleming Complete (D) 480-648-1315 (O) 480-237-0765

Fleming West and Fleming Complete
Ana Oz from Oz Interior Designs, Principal

Jane is one of the most exceptional brilliant and talented businesswomen like none I’ve known! She’s also that very talented person that just redid my beautiful website. The team at Mountain View Media is very patient and knowledgable and responds quicker than any other web company I have ever seen!

David Strobel - Executive Officer/Project Manager - TECOMSYS

When we decided to completely refresh our web site, we turned to Jane desGrosseilliers of Mountain View Media. Jane’s personal attention, focused graphics and marketing skillset, combined with her talented creative and technical team to fit our website. As a high-tech supplier of custom projects for government customers, our company has a unique position. Jane worked to understand our unusual market position and made sure our website reflected it. They worked with us to develop a web solution that balanced our requirements and brought in a final product that was on time and on budget. We needed training to be able to make our own adjustments in the future, and Jane found the solutions we needed, getting the answers and making sure we had the skills we required. These folks are professionals, and we’ll be using them in the future.

Joann Hardy - Cheap Receipt - joann@cheapreceiptpaper.com

Thank you so much.. It has been a pleasure working with such a talented group ! You certainly exceeded our expectations.

Kevin Hall

After narrowing web design candidates down to two, we hired Mountain View Media to do our web site redesign and launch; and coordinate the set-up of our Social Media Marketing and SEO. I must tell you, I was thrilled with the whole process. This would be our fifth attempt at a web site redesign and I was fed up with the web design community in general. I had committed thousands of dollars to companies that failed to deliver reasonable, workable designs in a timely fashion. It was a black hole of disappointment. In the beginning of our relationship, Mountain View Media took a beating for the failures of their predecessors. I dumped all of my frustrations on them, hoping to run them off early and cut my losses if they were just going to turn out to be another failure. The Mountain View Media team has been a model of professionalism throughout the whole process! The team have been able to deliver what they promised, within budget, within our timeframe (two months) and more importantly, exceed my (admittedly low) expectations. I would do another project with Mountain View Media in a heartbeat! They have surpassed the best elements of all the other design teams we have worked with by leaps and bounds! Mountain View Media was able to explain every step of the process in terms that I was able to understand. They guided and prodded for content, and was able to extract thoughts from my head and convert them to meaningful messages on the site. Mountain View Media kept the whole process moving toward a successful completion, overcoming setbacks and obstacles and helping keep me on track, providing the content that she needed to continue moving forward. Not only did we get a nice, simple design, like I asked for, we now have our social media and blog linked to our webpage. The team at Mountain View Media have set-up and trained us in the use, monitoring and improvement of our SEO, they have designed and set up our blog so that we have control over the content and can post, add pictures and video and when we publish something new, it populates across our social media sites! I knew all this was possible but until I hired Mountain View Media, I was beginning to think it was beyond my reach. The Mountain View Media team provided a ton of information. They provided links to training tools and through conference calls helped us understand the things that we found confusing. They stayed with it until we were comfortable and never made any of us feel stupid. Their explanations were in plain English and they’re smart enough to adjust her teaching to raise the abilities of the student. Mountain View Media delivered on their promises, they equipped us to function on our own and now they stand behind us with support for our future web endeavors. Thank you Mountain View Media! I would recommend you to everyone!

American CleanSource, Inc.
Angie Avers | AVP/Marketing

Mountain View Media was great to work with during our logo and rebranding initiative. They were able to capture the company’s core image of stability, strength and longevity with our new logo and brand image. They really listened to our needs, researched our industry and helped us stay on track while going through this process. I would highly recommend Mountain View Media for your marketing needs.

AERO Federal Credit Union
Joann Hardy, Owner

Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure working with such a talented group! You certainly exceeded our expectations. Grateful.

Cheap Receipt | joann@cheapreceiptpaper.com
Jazmin Aguilar

Great customer service, they offer quality products. They helped us from the design of out logo through our web site. They have everything you need for your business.

Aguilar Construction
Molly McCorskey

Working with the team at Mt View Media has made all the difference in how we are able to present our business online. They worked towards our goals when creating a new website, and made sure that we all the tools we would need to not only maintain the site, but continue to improve it as needed. Professionals like Dustin added expertise to our ideas, and made the whole process simple and enjoyable!

BC Solutions, LLC
Leigh Sabori | Office Manager

We met Jane from Mountain View Media at a small business conference and were not actively searching for marketing products or services at the time. However after getting to know the Mountain View Media team, we felt very comfortable finally taking the leap into the creation of some branding materials. We asked them to start with the MOS Glass Contractors logo, followed by collateral, website, and clothing. As a family-owned company, we feel especially connected to how our business is represented. We absolutely love the logo that they designed and implemented into our letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. The process to produce our website was an easy and successful collaboration, as they were always listened to our needs and then took it to the next level. Our company shirts have been the icing on the cake… it is not unusual to see our clients wearing an MOS Glass Contractors’ t-shirt every time we bump into them! The team at Mountain View Media has been nothing but professional and fun to work with throughout the past few years. We appreciate the honesty, integrity, talent, follow-through, and friendship. Sincerely,